VL Group

Rhymba v3.6 Documentation


VL Group's Rhymba platform is a series of REST-like APIs and endpoints designed to make integrating music downloads, streaming, previews, and artwork into your site or service as easy and efficient as possible. Using OData-based URL structures and returning JSON or XML, Rhymba allows you to search for content, request specific content, deliver it in a variety of ways, and more, in a scalable and lightning-fast manner, regardless of your server-side programming language. You can also query Rhymba using client-side Javascript, from within Flash-based applications, or within mobile applications for usage across a variety of non-traditional applications.

Intended Audience

This documentation is intended for developers and technologists looking to learn more about Rhymba and how to integrate the Rhymba platform with their applications. It's not intended to give an overview of the possible implementations using Rhymba.

Technology Stack

The Rhymba platform runs off of Microsoft's .NET platform on IIS, along with several custom server components. Search is ultimately powered via Lucene.NET, but with a very customized index and lookup process. Caching and some data storage is also handled by a combination of Membase and our own in-house networked caching & storage nodes codenamed Goop.

Our primary application and platform server complexes are located in Amazon's US-East and Softlayer's Dallas, TX datacenters. Our media & content storage and delivery, along with our image storage and retrieval through Rhymba Images (née ImageBank), is handled through a worldwide CDN network, so your customers will always be receiving content from edge nodes nearest their geographic location.