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Rhymba v3.6 Documentation


OK, let's review the bidding so far: you've wired up Search using Rhymba's powerful and near-lightning-fast OData capabilities; you've added album & artist artwork to your store, as well as preview clips; your users have selected their content and you've reported the purchase to us (if money changed hands, as noted in the Purchases introduction). What now?

Well, actually delivering the content to your users, of course!

It's Not Delivery, It's De-Download... or De-Streaming... or De-Locker.

Rhymba provides you several options for content delivery to end users:

In short, because we ourselves dogfood our own APIs and systems, you (as our API customer) benefit from the plethora of integration and delivery options we've created for our projects over the years. This section is dedicated strictly to downloads; for information on streaming delivery, check out the Streaming section of this documentation.

So, Which Download Mechanism Is Right For You?

Welllll... that's a tough question to answer. We can help you out, though, with some information and observations from over the years.

As mentioned, all methods have their pros and cons. Internally, we're standardizing on using the ZIP + File Sync Helper method, but the choice is ultimately up to you — and what your system/application's userbase looks like, as well as any technical & business requirements you have.

With that introduction, let's get you some content! Let's start our journey by getting into Download Sessions.