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Rhymba v3.6 Documentation

"Naked" MP3s

The first, and most basic way, to deliver content to your users is through "naked" MP3s. These are links to MP3 files on our CDN that you can feed to your users to "right-click & save as", or load into a download manager. They're also the simplest delivery mechanism. Here's how you construct these links.

  1. First off, make sure you've created a download session & gotten a valid download session token as previously described.
  2. Next, using the download session token, construct a link like so: https://dispatch.mcnemanager.com/current/download/DownloadSessionToken/MediaId/AnyName.mp3. Let's break it down, Rockapella:
    • First off, of course, is the base URL; in this case, it's https://dispatch.mcnemanager.com/current/download/.
    • Next up you pass the download session token you previously created in the DownloadSessionToken portion of the URL.
    • After that, you specify the VL Groupmedia ID for the track you wish to link the user to, e.g. /1234567. This media ID must be one that was included either in the mids parameter when creating the download session token, or it must be a track that's on one of the albums specified in the albids parameter. If it's not, you'll receive an error.
    • Finally, you can give the file that's served any name you'd like by replacing /AnyName.mp3. For instance, you could do /Tom-Jones-And-His-Magical-Enchanted-Castle.mp3.
  3. ... there is no step 3. That's all there is to it. Feed your user that link, or plug them into a download manager, go crazy.

Of course, it could get tedious for users to download many individual MP3s. Fortunately for your users, we also offer a ZIP bundle option. Just click right here and you'll be transported to a land of magic and wonder1...

1 Please note, the land is not actually one of magic & wonder; these are just ZIP downloads we're talking about, after all.